An automatic coffee machine is a machine designed to do all the work for you. Put beans in the top, fill up the water tank and milk jug and then press a button and your coffee is made for you.What could be simpler?

In reality there is a little more to it than that. To get the best from these machines a bit of fine tuning is usually necessary. You will need to experiment with the grinder settings to get the correct grind and dose. The water volume and temerature is also adjustable as well as the milk quantity and temperature. Once you have set it up to your taste, it should give you consistant results time after time. Of course your coffee will still only be as good as the beans you are using. Freshly roasted beans are essential.

Then there is the maintenance. Automatic machines do require a bit of TLC to perform at their best and to avoid breakdowns. Always follow the manufacturers cleaning procedure. A dirty machine will give poor coffee and will be more likely to stop working.

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