Scale is a build up of calcium and other mineral deposits in the boiler and other internal parts of your coffee machine. This will eventually cause you machine to become completely blocked and stop working

Scale buildup can be reduced by using filtered water and a filter inside the tank. Regularly descaling your machine is also advisable to ensure it continues to operate at it's best.


Automatic machines generally have a warning message reminding you when your machine is due to be descaled. To descale your machine is just a matter of putting descaling solution in the tank and following the onscreen prompts.

Manual espresso machines are not quite so simple, and the procedure varies depending on the type of machine. Single boiler machines are relatively straightforward. HX machines are a bit more fiddly and are probably best left to the experts.

We like to descale every machine that is booked in for repair. This ensures the machine is running well when it is returned to you and reduces the chances of a callback

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